Midtown rep drops motion against private TTC operation

[attach]6475[/attach]St. Paul’s councillor Joe Mihevc has withdrawn a motion to press for light rail lines run by the TTC — in order to make way for negotiations with Metrolinx to achieve the same end.

Mihevc said TTC staff and city officials negotiating the master agreement for the four lines requested he remove the motion, which was set to be debated at this week’s meeting of council.

“I was informed that a better strategy would be to let that conversation continue and give staff their best shot at working it out,” the Ward 21 rep said today.

The move is sure to spark further speculation that Metrolinx and the TTC are close to reaching an agreement to permit the transit commission to operate the as-yet-built lines.

On Sept. 20, the provincial transit planning agency announced it would seek a private operator for the new transit infrastructure, drawing opposition from councillors, who say the TTC must operate the lines in conjunction with the existing public transit.

Though he’s not involved directly in the negotiations, Mihevc said he’s heard discussions “are going in the right direction,” and he’s taking it as a positive sign.

“People who have read my motion, say, ‘Joe, we’re trying to do our best to take care of the concerns that you have.’

“So read into that what you will.”

[url=][color=#0066cc]As reported by the Town Crier late last week[/color][/url], behind-the-scenes negotiations appeared to be working in the direction favoured by councillors like Mihevc who said the TTC should be operating the new LRT lines, including the Eglinton Crosstown, Finch West and Sheppard East.

The master agreement is expected to go before executive committee in November.

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