Missing girl now home

[attach]5862[/attach]After disappearing for nearly a week, 18-year-old Michelle Yu has safely returned home to her parents.

According to Toronto Police’s 33 Division, Yu’s parents reported her missing on April 17 after the York Mills Collegiate student did not come home from school. Her parents held a press conference three days later when their daughter still had not returned. The school held an assembly and friends launched a social media campaign in order to help find her. Posters were put up throughout her North York neighbourhood and the downtown area where police had traced her last known whereabouts.

“She had withdrawn a quantity of money from a bank on Bay Street,” said detective Roger Marchack. “Because downtown is the main connecting point for the airport, train, buses, Union Station, it would suggest that she may have left the city.”

That hypothesis turned out to be correct. By April 22 Yu had contacted her family and told them she was in British Columbia. She said she had spent four days travelling there by train.

“She called her parents,” Marchack said. “She let them know she was in Vancouver and she was fine, which was what we were looking for: just to have her call in just to let us know that she was okay.”

Yu’s father flew to Vancouver that day and brought his daughter back home. The following afternoon, the family held another press conference where Yu reportedly apologized for the concern she had caused. She did not explain her disappearance to those in attendance.

“She didn’t elaborate too much on that, which is sometimes normal for missing persons,” Marchack said, before adding the investigation is now closed and thanking the public for the support during the case.