More details of CUPE 79's deal

CUPE Local 79 members voted last night to accept the deal ending the five-and-half-week strike.

Here’s a peak at what the city has offered the workers — including daycare workers, cleaners, lawyers and urban planners — and what taxpayers will be paying should council approve the deal.

Full-time employees are set to get a 1.75 percent pay increase this year, followed by 2 percent in 2010 and 2.25 in 2011.

On the big issue of banking sick days, workers have been offered a few options:

• They can cash some of their existing banked sick days and switch to a new short-term disability plan that offers up to 130 days per year; or

• They can hold onto banked sick days and continue to accumulate up to 18 a year, to be paid out upon retirement. Those who want to stay with the existing bankable sick day plan will not have access to the new short-term disability plan.

Employees will get paid for Family Day, which they didn’t before.

Defraying that cost, the union has agreed to limit dental recall exams for adults to every nine months rather than every six months.

Similar offers are on the table for Local 79 part-timers working at homes for the aged. Pay increases are the same. When it comes to sick days, they can take a $700 payout from the city and switch to the short-term disability plan, or those who are entitled to it can stay with the sick day bank option.

Other part-timers in Unit B get the same pay increase but a few more sick pay options. Depending on eligibility, they will be offered the same options as full-timers: keep banked sick days and continue to accumulate them but opt out of new short term disability plan, or get a partial buyout of banked sick days and move to the new plan.