Neville Park residents win development fight

Beach residents have a reason to celebrate this month as a contentious condo development they fought so hard to stop, has been rejected by the Ontario Municipal Board.

On Jan. 6, the board ruled in favour of Neville Park residents and the city of Toronto, by rejecting a developer’s request to build a four-storey, 10-unit condo apartment and one detached house at 2-4 Neville Park Blvd. and 438-440 Lake Front Ln.

The board found that the development did not fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood and that it was not appropriate for the site.

Neville Park residents had fought long hard for this outcome.

In 2007 when the proposal was made public, residents formed the Beach Lakefront Neighbourhood Association to fight the developer.

Over the years, the group’s members held countless meetings on the issue, staged public awareness events and raised almost $70,000 to continue their fight over the different stages, including at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing.