New Don Valley trail in the works

Path would run from Wynford to Lawrence

Residents living near the Don Valley area can soon stretch their legs along a new outdoor path connecting them to one of the largest parks in Toronto.

The construction of a new trail stretching from Wynford Drive to Lawrence Avenue East is now underway, after the community put its heads together to improve access to green space, said councillor John Parker.

“It’s the last piece of land in Toronto that hasn’t been touched by humans,” said Parker, of the Don Valley.

Though residents were keen on enhancing the space and making it available for public use, they needed a sizeable amount of money to begin.

When developer Tridel was permitted to build a nearby condo, they provided a $500,000 community benefit contribution under section 37 of the planning act.

Parker and Ward 34 councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong raised another $300,000 to put towards the project.

Phase one includes the construction of a three-metre wide gravel walking trail, a foot bridge and two canopies to protect the trails where they pass underneath the railroad tracks. It is expected to be complete by fall 2010.

The rest of the project will see the installation of benches and rest stations and the addition of an offshoot path linking with Moccasin Park.

“It opens up a whole new part of the ravine and makes it accessible to central Don Mills,” said Terry West, president of the Don Mills Residents Association.

He said he hopes to see the trail eventually continue to Don Mills Road and Taylor Creek.

Parker said the project will also help to respect and protect the natural environment by keeping human activity to a confined area.

“It opens an enormous swath of space for the use an enjoyment of residents, and, it will preserve the natural character of the area.”

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By: Nicole Miller
Posted: Dec 4 2009 3:09 pm
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