New eatery LJS Khasos welcomed to former restaurant site

Even during the pandemic, their first experience of Cabbagetown made the would-be restaurateurs realize they had found the perfect site for their new eatery.

“We chose this location because when we had stepped foot, not only into the restaurant but into the town, we knew it was right,” says  Sandya Selvendran, coordinator of LJS Khasos Restaurant and Bar.

“It is a beautiful town that has everything at a perfect walking distance. The streets are always so lively and bright.”

LJS Khasos opened on May 17 at 507 Parliament St. where Peartree Restaurant had confirmed a month earlier it was closing  after 27 years in business.

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The new owners, Thaso Sinnathurai and Shan Sairasa, felt welcomed by local residents.

“As we were getting renovations done, we had the community people help us in so many ways,” Selvendran said.

“Ron, a watercolour artist kindly offered paintings to be hung up on our walls. A florist had volunteered to plant flowers around the patio. And the community people have been asking for our menus to see what we serve and spread the news around.”

Their Instagram page is full of welcoming messages from locals.

The LJS Khasos menu is described as a mixture of Italian and American food, with pizza and pasta specialties.

The menu online also offers Atlantic salmon, striploin, chicken dinner and butter chicken as main courses, along with salads, sandwiches, desserts, beverages and bar foods.