New Forest Hill spa for a new year

This New Year's we should focus on our own quality of life and heading to Midtown for a moment at the spa or fetching a workout is ideal

With the New Year upon us, now could be the time to start thinking of improving ourselves and perhaps even the quality of life for our loved Sones.

Sequel spa

If the arctic blasts of cold air are wreaking havoc with your complexion, there’s a new spa in town, specifically in Forest Hill Village, that you may not know about.

It’s actually a part deux of sorts.

Cristina Popescu has been operating her Forest Hill Spa at 435 Spadina Rd. for 14 years, and recently she opened a new, but related concept right across the street from her original location.

Situated at street level, the new and fully renovated spa offers non-invasive medical esthetics and other therapeutic treatments.

Popescu tells me there was a need to expand as she wanted to offer more advanced treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox injections and laser facials.

The original location still offers esthetic services like facials, manis and pedis, but now clients can pick and choose between the traditional and medi-spa treatments.

Admittedly, she was skeptical when the first lasers came out a number of years ago. But Popescu tells me that after buying a laser hair removal system for the spa seven years ago, she never looked back.

And while you can always treat those brown sunspots with traditional methods like facials, Popescu says those treatments have limited effects. Meanwhile a photofacial (using intense pulsed light) can pretty much zap those spots in six treatments.

Costs vary but photofacials are $250-300 each while chemical peels start at about $145.

446 Spadina Rd., 416-646-1992

Fitness with fido

If the idea of hauling pooch out onto frigid sidewalks in mind-numbing temps makes you want to park your butt on the couch and eat junk food, take heart: there’s a fun, local way to get both you and your canine pal fit this winter without freezing off your respective body parts.

Sal Sloan has recently launched a division of her new business, Fetching, in the Annex area.

Fetching offers boot camp-style workouts to people that their dogs can attend — there’s obedience and agility training for the pooches.
A former advertising gal, Sloan says her life changed when she adopted her dog, Chewy, from the Toronto Humane Society almost three years ago.

After adjusting to life with a new dog and holding a focus group with some fellow dog owner pals, Sloan came to the realization that people don’t feel they’re spending enough time with their dogs.

Classes are led by a dog trainer as well as by Sloan, a CanFit Pro-certified personal trainer. There are also different levels offered according to the person’s fitness level and the degree to which your canine friend has been trained.

Sessions are held in the evening and begin the second week of January at Blast Athletic at 374 Dupont St. Classes will be held outdoors once the warmer weather comes.


Local homecare

Sometimes new beginnings can be tough decisions to make but will ultimately improve someone’s quality of life.

Midtown residents and husband-and-wife team Cahal and Monica Carmody have recently launched their Premier Homecare Services franchise that services Forest Hill.

Cahal, formerly in financial services, and Monica, who worked for the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, say they wanted to get out of the corporate world and do something more relationship-focused that serviced their community.

The Carmodys say they decided to go with the Premier homecare franchise as it’s Canadian-owned and based right here in Toronto.

Premier provides non-medical in-home care services like Alzheimer and dementia care, personal care assistance, meal planning and prep, medical reminders, light housekeeping and more.There’s a need for this type of service as the government isn’t providing it to an aging population, Cahal says. The couple works with over 30 caregivers at the moment, and say they take the time to ensure there’s a good fit between client and caregiver.

164 Eglinton Ave. East, suite 102, 416-637-2155

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