New pharmacy offers Sage advice on your health concerns

As a smaller, independent store, the recently opened Sage Pharmacy aims to offer clients a more personal experience than some of the larger pharmacies, say its owners.

The plan seems to be working as the shop at 1561 Bayview Ave. in the heart of Leaside has been welcomed by people in the community, pharmacist and co-owner David Guttman said in a recent interview.

Guttman and his wife (and business partner) Lara Guttman met in university at a Halloween party more than 30 years ago.

They have long since hoped to open their own pharmacy while they were working at other drugstores, and they are excited that their dream has finally come to fruition.

“Sage represents the distillation of our years of experience into a practice that allows us to deliver our vision of what a pharmacy could and should be,” Guttman said.

‘Clinical and compassionate’

The North Toronto residents chose the Leaside neighbourhood because its interesting, eclectic shops make it a “very appealing stretch of Bayview.”

They have already met a lot of people from the area, many of whom have since become repeat customers.

The space is “patient focused, clinical and compassionate” and has been designed to be a very calming and welcoming environment, with a private consultation area, so customers can feel comfortable going “into depth about their health concerns,” Guttman said.

Lara Guttman in private room at Sage Pharmacy
YOUR SPACE: Lara Guttman shows a private consultation room at Sage Pharmacy. (Alexei Malakhov/Streeter)

Since COVID-19, pharmacies have turned into more of a health care hub, creating a significant expansion of the scope of practice, which makes it an exciting time to be a pharmacist, Guttman said.

“We want to maximize our potential in order to give people the most benefit for their health,” he said. “What’s exciting for us as a small, independent business is that this allows us to have a meaningful impact on our clients’ day-to-day lives.”

What sets Sage apart from other pharmacies is that Guttman and his wife are the only two pharmacists who work there, which he feels will help give people a degree of comfort.

“When they walk through the door and see that familiar face, they have the confidence that they’re going to be well taken care of,” he said.

For expert healthcare advice with a personal touch, check out the pharmacy with the wise old owl logo, where Guttman says “sage is the kind of advice we’re hoping to give.”

Sage Pharmacy store front
STOREFRONT: Sage Pharmacy sports owl logo on Bayview Avenue. (Alexei Malakhov/Streeter)

Sage Pharmacy is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. They can be reached at 416-481-8891.