Nicole Arbour sets course for YouTube channel

There’s something to be said about blonde ambition.

Comedian, singer and former Toronto Raptors Dance Pak cheerleader Nicole Arbour knows how to turn up the smouldering allure, crack a good joke and carry a tune.

She can also tackle serious issues, especially after fully rehabilitating herself from a traumatic car accident. She suffered severe head, neck and back trauma in a 2008 incident where a taxi rear-ended a car she was exiting.

But that won’t keep this strong woman down.

The former Yonge and Eglinton resident, who now travels back and forth from Toronto to Hamilton, rehabilitated herself and is now about to conquer her last medium: YouTube.

An American agency came knocking after her Bang Bang video exceeded 300,000 views on YouTube, and now her music career, with the launch of So High, her second single from the album Fun Revolution.

“Basically for So High, I made a big life change and noticed I was around a lot of people that were worried about superficial thoughts, and got caught up in their own drama,” she said. “I realized at the end, obviously because of my own accident and my injuries, this is not worth my time.

“I made a big life cleanse kind of thing to go forward with this year. You can be so high on life when you let go of all that stuff.”

Arbour has had her fans and members of #GoTeam form a strong foundation for her. They even went to bat for her during the planning for Hamilton’s Festival of Friends summer concert.

“My fans actually spam tweeted the radio station until they booked me to open for Down With Webster,” she says, with a laugh. “They booked the festival a year in advance. They booked me two weeks to the show.”

That was August. October saw the launch of So High, and on tap next — officially launching Nov. 18 — is Too Much Information, a half-hour panel variety show airing on Super Channel.

Arbour is in familiar territory: comedy. And she’s working with old college chum Norm Sousa.

With so much work, Arbour never loses the smile — either on her lips or in her eyes.