Nightmare on Mallory continues as more human remains found

Media given tour of ravine where police say body parts sifted from compost pile

Media, forensic examiners and curiosity seekers are back on Leaside’s Mallory Crescent, since July 4 when police resumed excavating the property where remains of seven individuals had previously been found.

So far, the recent work has yielded two more sets of human remains in the ravine behind the house at 53 Mallory Cres., police say.

They reported finding body parts on both Wednesday and Thursday, but could not say yet whether the remains are from the same person nor whether they are from the eighth alleged murder for which landscaper Bruce McArthur has been charged, Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga told media.

On Thursday, the second day of the dig, Idsinga led media cameras down the ravine’s slope to the site of the latest discoveries. Police and forensic anthropologists were still working in that small section of the ravine, though Idsinga said the search area would expand when they were through there.

At the moment they were digging through a pile of material and sifting it to look for human remains. Idsinga described the pile as the kind of compost pile used by a landscaper.

“It is essentially a compost pile,” he said. “It is leaves, brush, dirt — and human remains.”

On Wednesday, media and other onlookers camped out in the park across from the property and pressed against police tape cordoning off the southern end of Mallory Crescent, whenever there was any apparent activity, trying to get a glimpse.

“It’s our nightmare — it’s still going on,” said a resident in the low-rise apartment building next to the property who did not want to be identified. She decried the people and vehicles that have clogged the street and the park on Mallory.

“I’ve even had a relative visiting and he kept wanting to go over there to see what’s going on. It’s what we’re known for now, the place where a killer buried his bodies,” she said. “We could sell tickets.”

McArthur who lived in Thorncliffe Park faces eight charges of first-degree murder.

He was arrested in January after a police investigation into the disappearance of men from Toronto’s gay village area.

Remains of seven bodies were found in large garden planters at the Mallory Crescent house between January and April. Police then said they were suspending their search at the property until warmer weather when the ground could be excavated.

Police say they have investigated 100 other sites in the Toronto area associated with McArthur’s work as a landscaper but they have found nothing there.

The search at Mallory is continuing indefinitely, they said.,

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Posted: Jul 6 2018 1:15 pm