Nude man found in park

[attach]6326[/attach]Police were surprised to discover a man lying naked and unconscious in Ramsden Park on July 28.

Turns out, the 20-year-old university student had been pranked and then abandoned by his buddies after passing out from a night of drinking.

A passerby who spotted the man near the park’s tennis courts around 3:30 a.m. called police.

“His friends thought it would be funny to strip him down naked, and use his belt to tie his feet together,” said Sergeant Matt Mungal.

The man, who later told officers he had started drinking vodka in the park with three friends around 1 a.m., was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Treating it as a potential sexual assault, officers taped off the park scene for further investigation. When the man woke up at 8:30 a.m., he filled in the blanks.

“He was in good spirits, he was laughing about it,” Mungal said.

Police are not laying any charges in the incident.

“What they did to him is not against the law,” the 53 Division sergeant said. “It’s stupid, but not against the law.”

However, the incident should serve as a tale of caution: Not only did it tie up police resources, the man’s safety was put at risk, as he could have been robbed, or worse, had stopped breathing with no one around to assist.

If the man had been roughed up or had died as a result of his intoxication, his friends may have faced charges of criminal negligence, Mungal said.

After he awoke in hospital, officers drove the man to his home near Ramsden Park.