One arrested in suspected midtown road rage

A morning midtown melee landed one man in hospital and another in custody.

Police started receiving multiple 911 calls shortly after 11:15 a.m. on Nov. 9 with reports of a man riding on the hood of a car, some calls coming from Duplex Avenue, Constable Victor Kwong said.

Police believe the incident likely began on Bathurst Street where one car is believed to have rear-ended another.

The car that did the rear-ending left the scene, Kwong said. The other car, with two occupants, followed the car that hit them, eventually coming to a stop where the two men attempted to physically stop the other car.

Somehow, one of the two men — the driver — is thought to have ended up on the hood of the car he’d been chasing.

“Whether he jumped on top to stop him or he was pushed forward, I don’t know,” Kwong said. “But the bottom line is the driver of the car that got hit ended up on top of the hood and the driver of the car that took off, once again took off — but this time with a guy strapped to his hood.”

He says police aren’t yet sure whether the man jumped off or fell off, but he was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Police later found the driver of the car that fled near Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue West.

Kwong said the man was arrested and is being investigated for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, assault, and failing to remain.

Police are still trying to determine all the locations, including where the two men approached the car and where the man fell off the hood. Kwong said the incident spanned “several city blocks” and police later found an abandoned car believed to belong to the two men, near Yonge Street and Briar Hill Avenue.