Open air market avoids garbage strike mess

Appletree Market relocates for the duration of the labour disruption

Eglinton Park’s Appletree Market has moved away from the dirty smell of a garbage strike.

The open-air market is now operating every Thursday behind the North Toronto Memorial Arena parking lot.

Usually it’s located next to the tennis courts, which have been converted into a temporary dump site.

There’s not much stink in their new spot, but Lesley Stoyan, co-founder of the market, is worried about business.

“We’ve had a lot of strikes against us, no pun intended,” she said. “It’s been a bit slower than I would have liked.”

There’s been bad weather for nine out of the 11 days that the market has been open, reported Stoyan. The market is only open on Thursdays from 3 to 7 p.m.

But the strike hasn’t been all that bad, say some vendors.

Damiano Theofilou, who manages the Highmark Farm stall at the market, said the strike has offered them a better location.

People are more likely to visit since it’s near the parking lot, said Theofilou.

But he adds there was some confusion when the market was closed on June 25. Stoyan and her husband were negotiating a new spot.

At least the market will stay open, said Stoyan.

“For us there’s absolutely no chance we’re not going to open,” she said. “Even if there’s a tornado we’re going to open.”

Appletree Market will be outdoors until the end of October. After that, they will move inside the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.

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By: Josephine Lim
Posted: Jul 6 2009 5:45 pm
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