Outgoing trustee Goodman endorses Grinhaus

Aaron Grinhaus election sign on midtown lawn.
SIGN OF THE TIMES: Ward 8 candidate Aaron Grinhaus has been endorsed by outgoing trustee Howard Goodman, the second such show of support for the tax lawyer within the last week.

Outgoing Ward 8 TDSB trustee Howard Goodman is endorsing the candidacy of tax lawyer Aaron Grinhaus in the race to succeed him in Eglinton-Lawrence.

In a public letter, Goodman and his constituency and policy advisor Melanie Dickstein jointly declared their support of Grinhaus, saying they believe he “has the skills that match those needed to be an effective Trustee — both in the boardroom and in the community.”

Goodman, 63, served three terms as school board representative. He announced via email on May 10 that he would not be seeking re-election.

It is the second endorsement in days for Grinhaus. A week ago former competitor Claudia Webb declared her support for him almost immediately after ending her own campaign.

Because she withdrew after the Sept. 12 deadline Webb’s name will remain on the ballot for the Oct. 27 municipal election.