Packed house hears Ward 16 candidates state their case

More than 150 people packed a meeting room on the main floor of the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre on Monday night for what turned out to be less of a debate and more of a series of speeches from candidates vying to be the next Ward 16 city councillor.

Candidates were given a minute and a half each to introduce themselves, followed by three minutes each to answer a set of three questions — focusing on development, transit and the city budget — that had been emailed to them prior to the event. Afterward, residents were encouraged to mingle with the candidates.

The debate was held by the Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association. Thirteen of the 16 candidates participated.

Ward 16 candidate Adam Tanel with a resident
CAMPAIGN MODE: Candidate Adam Tanel, left, makes a point during a one-on-one with a local resident.

Many people were seen leafing through the brochures and pamphlets of each candidate as they spoke. Most told the Town Crier they were finding it difficult to choose who to vote for, because of the large number of candidates on the ballot.

Of 44 wards looking to fill a council seat in the Oct. 27 municipal election, Ward 16 has the second-most number of candidates registered. Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina, has 22.

Participating candidates in North Toronto on Monday night were J.P. Boutros, Christin Carmichael Greb, Michael Coll, Sean Conacher, Charm Darby, Thomas Gallezot, Gary Heaney, Steven Levitan, Elana Metter, Terry Mills, Adam Tanel, Bob Williams and Dyanoosh Youssefi. Paul Spence, John Cannella and Peter Vukosavljev did not attend.

2 thoughts on “Packed house hears Ward 16 candidates state their case

  • Future-Ward16-resident

    I moving to Ward 16 from Ward 25 in November, so I’m very interested in this race. This was a really good debate – kudos to the organizers.
    There were several good candidates, but I thought Terry Mills was the best by far. We need someone that understands the challenges that rapid growth and intensification are placing on infrastructure and public services in our neighbourhoods. Mills clearly gets this. I also like like that he has a long record of community involvement on these issues; and that he ran here in the last election. That shows a commitment to residents and the community. He would have my vote.

    • Robert

      Isn’t Mills a city planner tho? A city planner shouldn’t support the scarborough subway. I came home last night to only three flyers. Only 1 candidate talked about the subway. I looked at his site and found this

      Looks like Im paying over $1000 dollars so politicians can play games and get elected. I dont work 50+ hours a week for that.

      I’m only seeing a few candidates at the door. My wife met Boutros and hes for Bannockburn Park (I take my kids and dog there). So hes got my vote for now.

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