Palacio keeps Ward 17 Davenport

Four months of campaigning wasn't easy, says incumbent winner

Councillor Cesar Palacio has been re-elected for a third term in Davenport Ward 17 beating out top challenger Jonah Schein.

Palacio won 6,124 votes, while Schein, despite receiving backing from popular community activist Alejandra Bravo came second with 4,764 votes.

Palacio, who was first elected in 2003, celebrated his victory with supporters at the Casa das Beiras on Caledonia Road, just north of St. Clair Avenue Monday night.

“I am relieved. It was four months of campaigning… it wasn’t easy. People were upset, angry with the [past] administration,” Palacio said after the results came in.

Schein, who works in the Davenport West neighbourhood’s The Stop Community Food Centre, said he thankful to everyone who supported him including Ward 21 Councillor Joe Mihevc, Bravo and tons of volunteers.

“I’m really bummed out with what happened to this city. It sucks, huh,” Schein said at the Hungarian House where he celebrated his efforts alongside Mihevc. Schein was no doubt referencing Rob Ford’s mayoral win.

“Jonah ran the best possible campaign,” Mihevc said.

Tony Letra came third with just over 2,000 votes.

Schein volunteer Sarah Blackstock said she was upset that he lost, but devastated that Ford was elected mayor.

“We need someone in the ward who would bring the community together… Jonah is that person,” Blackstock said at the Hungarian House.

And, under Ford’s leadership Toronto will be a “less tolerant, less inclusive and less bold” city, Blackstock said, shaking her head in disbelief.

Palacio has said he would work on crime prevention and community run initiatives if he was re-elected.

Palacio said it is his hope that the new councillors acts as balance and functioning council despite their different views.

Brian Bragason, Maria Marques, Kar Rasaiah and Ben Stirpe also ran in the west-end ward.

In 2006, Palacio won with 4,827 votes. Bravo came a close second with 4,546 votes.

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