Pampering pets

[attach]4308[/attach]Canadians love their pets. Sales in the pet market are estimated at about $4.5 billion a year. From Harley-Davidson t-collars for cats to filet mignon-flavoured toothpaste to encourage Fido to brush regularly, there isn’t much animal lovers won’t do to make life a little better for their pampered pets. Here are four very cool, pet-centric products:

There’s nothing better than settling into a warm, cosy bed; that’s why electric blankets were invented. So why not one for your pampered pooch?

Pet-zzz-pad provides the same cosy warmth because it starts heating up your pet’s bed to a vet-recommended 102 degrees as soon as his or her paws hit the pad. This pet bed warmer molds to pets’ bodies and cuddles them in warmth. And when they get off, the pad turns off too. An added bonus: it keep pets off furniture and out of your own bed.

Pet-zzz-pad is an American Kennel Club and Cat Fancier Association branded heating mat that activates with your pet’s weight. It fits any size pet bed with a regular 12-inch pad for small to medium pets and a large 16-inch one for medium to large pets. The regular size Pet-zzz-pad comes with a cozy fleece machine-washable cover.

$19.99–39.99, depending on size, in pet stores.

Animals put the fur in furniture — and on carpets, floors, everywhere. They also leave behind allergens from their skin, urine, hair and saliva. Regularly grooming and washing your pet can reduce allergens by 85 percent.

Dyson Groom, a vacuum-assisted, self-cleaning groomer, captures dog hair before it becomes a nuisance. Loose hair and dead skin are effortlessly removed, and fur and allergens are sucked into the vacuum and contained. Compatible with most Dyson uprights and canisters, Dyson Groom is designed for dogs with medium and long fur. And they love it (think massage for dogs)!

Canadian animal lovers can buy Dyson Groom exclusively online at [url][/url] $89.99.

We’ve all seen those precious pets wearing booties, but these are more than simply a fashion statement. Those who walk their pets on city streets, or even in the park, face hazards like broken glass (hard to see small fragments in grass), gum (it gets really sticky on hot days), sharp rocks or winter ice, and winter de-icing chemicals which pets can lick off their feet and ingest.

Enter Muttluks, a Canadian product which provides “pawsitive” relief. Fleece-lined or all-weather models come in a variety of styles, from colourful to camouflage. There’s no reason why practicality can’t also be chic.

Muttluks feature self-tightening straps, a soft, stretchy leg cuff and flexible leather soles; and they’re completely machine-washable.

$45 in pet stores.

When I saw strollers for dogs and cats at the pet store, I thought the world had gone mad! But the sales staff pointed out that for elderly pets, or those with injuries, these are a boon. Even healthy dogs can find it a trial to walk on hot sidewalks in summer or heavily salted slush in winter.

For your pampered pet, Cruising Companion has designed a stroller with ventilated mesh panels and an interior collar clip to prevent escape. The body easily detaches to become a carrier with a shoulder strap. Designed for pets up to 20 lbs, the stroller has a removable dual cup holder and lower storage basket for pet toys and supplies. The front wheels swivel and the rear wheels have a safety lock.

$165.99 in pet stores.