Picture-worthy treats come to midtown at Mermaid Cafe

Mermaid Cafe provides a perfect backdrop for customers who wish to create eye-catching Instagram posts. It is a whimsical, mermaid-themed café that serves deep-sea inspired beverages and desserts with its colourful logo and marine designs every where you look.

The café opened in August at 2655 Yonge St., second floor, just north of Sporting Life near Yonge and Eglinton.

Although its design mostly appeals to children, it has already been well-received by neighbourhood teens and parents, the owner says.

Truc Truong said she chose the spot located above the Clap Art Studio because it is a high traffic area which also caters to kids and promotes other local businesses.

Mermaid Cafe decor
DEEP SEA: Mermaid Cafe’s fun decor, shown on its opening in August, invites customer selfies. (Instagram, @mermaidcafe_yonge)

In an interview over a delicious, Vietnamese-style latte, Truong said she was inspired to open Mermaid Cafe, which she called the “first café of its kind in Toronto,” after she and a friend took their kids to see the movie The Little Mermaid. Not only did the kids enjoy the production, but they also expressed a desire to “eat, drink and touch real food” that looks like what they saw in the movie.

Truong said she has specially created an atmosphere that provides customers with “lots of opportunities for selfies.”

As Instagram is popular with kids and teens, many have already come in to the cafe for the sole purpose of creating an exciting and fun social media post.

Mermaid Cafe mango drink
SPECIALTY: Our photographer tried this mango yogurt drink and found it “unusual, but very tasty.” (Streeter/Alexie Malakhov)

The décor is cheerful and calming, including comfy chairs shaped like sea shells and ocean-coloured walls adorned with cartoon-like mermaids and other under-water animals.

Mermaid Cafe offers treats such as waffles, signature milkshakes, sky-coloured bubble tea with floating clouds, and beautifully-presented, custom made sundaes and other desserts made with chocolate sea shells, starfish and other sea creatures.

Mermaid Cafe is also hosting birthday parties, and kids are encouraged to bring costumes.

Truong plans to provide mermaid costumes to party attendants, as well as a corner of the shop specifically devoted to those who wish to take pictures of themselves in their mermaid outfits.

“We try the best to make everyone happy,” she says.