Pocket Change goes a long way

[attach]5449[/attach]During this past September students from Vaughan Road Academy set out to have a school built in Kenya through Free The Children organization and the Pocket Change Heroes Project.

The school’s student leadership team, led by teacher Katy Whitfield, gave themselves three months to raise $10,000 needed to build a primary school for 50 students.

By mid-October, to the amazement of everyone involved, they had met their goal.

Whitfield said the students drove the project by using social media sites such as Facebook, created posters, wrote songs and made videos and put them online.

As well, each of the 30 students involved had a specific goal in mind to raise $2 or more each day with many students giving up their pocket change to help raise money.

The students’ hard work succeeded in raising $10,799 in just two weeks.

Vaughan Road Academy has a rich tradition of contributing to philanthropic causes including a water project in Kenya, supporting relief efforts in Haiti and after the Japanese earthquake, as well as collecting 1,500 food items for a local shelter at Halloween. [attach]5450[/attach]