Police warn of compromised SIN telephone scam

Police in 53 Division are warning about a telephone scam in which a caller claims to be working for the government or police and say the victim’s Social Insurance Number has been used illegally.

The caller threatens that if funds are not sent via Bitcoin, credit cards, gift cards or other sources, the person with that SIN will be arrested.

The fraudster posing as police or government employee will provide a false name, identification number or badge number, police say in a press release on Nov. 14.

The callers may even make a telephone number of local police or the Canadian Revenue Agency appear on the victim’s phone display.

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Police have received reports of many such cases and are investigating.

They assure the public they do not collect money for the CRA.

They also advise that the real CRA will not do any the following:

• Send emails with a link and ask you to divulge personal or financial information.

• Ask for personal information by email or text message.

• Request payments by prepaid credit cards, gift cards or through Bitcoin or other crypto-currency.

• Give taxpayer information to another person, unless formally authorized provided by the taxpayer.

• Leave personal information on an answering machine.

• Send the police to make arrests.

Don’t ever give out any personal information, including identification numbers, passwords or financial information, the public is warned.

Instead, the best response to these fraudulent calls is to hang up the phone immediately, police say.