Police warn residents after slew of break-ins

Police with 11 Division are warning residents of the area to be more vigilant after a noticeable rise in break and enters in highrise buildings.

Detective Sheri Acciaroli, who is the crime manager at 11 Division is urging residents to take precautions.

“There’s been a general increase in apartment break and enters,” she said adding that no specific areas have been targeted any more than others. “That’s why we wanted to get the information out, so people can be aware of it and be more diligent.”

On Feb. 18, police sent out a community alert detailing various helpful tips to ensure greater security for people and their belongings.

In the message, police advised not letting strangers into your apartment building, but referring them to the superintendent. As well, police suggest installing good quality locks, a chain lock for extra security and to replace the lock if keys are lost or misplaced.

“We just want to get that (information) out to people,” Acciaroli said of the community alert. “The more people we get that out to, the better.”

Some final helpful hints from the police suggest contacting the superintendent in the event of any burned out lights or doors that won’t close or lock, as well as reporting any suspicious activity to the superintendent and police.

“We’re doing our best to investigate (the break and enters) so hopefully we’ll be able to catch the culprits,” Acciaroli said. “We’re just hoping that the community can be aware of it and to report anything suspicious.”

Unlike other publicized break and enter surges in the city, Acciaroli says the incidents in 11 Division have not been targeting the more affluent areas.

In most of those break and enters, specifically in Forest Hill and Lawrence Park, homes were targeted, but that’s not the case in 11 Division, according to Acciaroli.

“What we’ve noticed predominantly at this point is highrises,” she said. “It’s nothing out of control, but it’s enough that we want people to be aware to safeguard themselves and their property.”