Pottery Road to reopen Nov. 30

[attach]5206[/attach]After a six-month wait, including a three-month delay, Pottery Road will open to the public on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The thoroughfare which connects Bayview and Broadview Avenues, ducking under the Don Valley Parkway, had been closed since the Victoria Day weekend although construction workers and those headed to Todmordon Mills or Fantasy Farm were still permitted access.

The construction was meant to improve cycling trails nearby and repair and modernize the road itself. Part of the project was to install a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion of the hill on the road’s north side.

Pottery Road was scheduled to reopen after Labour Day but unexpected complications having to do with the stability of the hill doubled the length of the project.

While major repairs to the road have been completed city workers are expected to return in the spring to plant trees along the newly installed retaining wall.