Project Domo led to 29 raids across the GTA

[attach]6204[/attach]A major police investigation into cocaine distribution has resulted in numerous arrests after a series of raids, included some in the Don Mills and North York areas.

Project Domo, started in September of last year, concluded on June 26 with an organized series of 29 raids across the GTA.

Three of the 29 search warrants were executed in local neighbourhoods, including one on Village Greenway near Don Mills and Sheppard, another on Shaughnessy Boulevard near Fairview Mall, and a third on Concorde Place near Don Mills and Eglinton.

But the most significant raid, the first of the project, was in February.

On Feb. 21, police searched a condominium unit at 16 Dallimore Circle, in the southeastern part of Don Mills.

Police seized 15 kilograms of marijuana, about 250 grams of cocaine, 30 grams of MDMA and 11 kilograms of GHB, also known as the date rape drug. Police also found an expandable baton.

As the investigation unfolded, they discovered more people were involved in the distribution of drugs, said a lead investigator, Det. Sgt. Karl Sobotka.

“We were focusing on a group, one member of that group … through our investigation, led us to some other people. All of those people don’t know these other people,” he said. “They’re all drug dealers and there’s just a common connection between one group and the other.”

Sobotka said police are continuing to investigate based on other information they collected during this investigation and are hopeful it will lead them to more dealers and suppliers. In the meantime, he felt the results of Project Domo were significant.

“In my opinion, this stuff was destined for the streets of Toronto,” he said.

Arrested on June 26 were Toronto residents Mike Chow, 27, and Cin-Sa Le, 25, as well as Richmond Hill resident Andrew Chan, 27, all in connection with the Village Greenway residence. Gerald Pinch, 36, of Toronto was arrested in connection with the address on Shaughnessy Boulevard, as well as another residence in Scarborough. Gary Colin, 53, of Toronto, was arrested in connection with the residence on Concorde Place.

John Kosmas, 28, of Toronto, faces nine drug-related charges and one for possession of a prohibited weapon in connection with the raid on Dallimore Circle.

[align=right]— With files from Sarah Taguiam