Project’s end can’t come soon enough

[attach]395[/attach]“The situation is pretty bad. Customers say: ‘Well, I’m sorry I got fed up going around and you don’t have no parking. I’m going to a mall.’ And they’re right. I can’t even pay my rent anymore.” – AnnaMaria Buttinelli, owner of Curactive and Tulip

[attach]396[/attach]“When I was doing my business plan, I always thought of St. Clair as the next College St. and I still believe that. I think within a year or two a lot of good businesses will come to the area.” – Enzo Marcello opened Zo Restaurant during construction

[attach]397[/attach]“Small businesses are eating their investment. They are in the red already. Forget about the money, the compensation. Nobody even says, ‘Hi, (are you) dead or alive?’ ” – Sheikh Naeem, owner of Dennis Dollar 1 Plus

[attach]398[/attach]“We’re not happy. No one wants to sit outside because of all the noise and dust. The owners are hostages now. What can they do? We’re like puppets hanging by a string.” – Tony Capellono, runs Boom Breakfast and Co.