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A) In 1834, who invented raised point writing using a six dot system enabling the blind to read?
answer: Louis Braille

B) Which part of a woman’s body is named for German physician Ernst Gräfenberg?
answer: The G-Spot

C) Which musician named his children Moon Unit and Dweezil?
answer: Frank Zappa

D) Which country has the largest amount of forested area by square mileage?
answer: Russia

E) In 1977 the Toronto Blue Jays began playing major league baseball.Which other team entered major league baseball along with Toronto in1977?
answer: Seattle Mariners

F) Which painting was stolen from the Louvre in Paris, as opposed tothe Louvre in Bracebridge, in 1911 and kept for two years by museumemployee Vincenzo Peruggia?
answer: The Mona Lisa

G) Which Caribbean island, especially capital city Plymouth, sufferedlongterm devastation after the previously dormant Sufrière Hillsvolcano began erupting in 1995?
answer: Montserrat

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