Reader questions Town Crier's editorial policies after column

Re: [url=]New Year, new goals both citywide and local[/url], Jan. 2012 edition.

I am not impressed by Sandra (Sour Grapes) Bussin using her platform with your paper to attack Mary Margaret McMahon personally. I don’t recall the Town Crier giving a soapbox to Tom Jakobek to attack Sandra Bussin when she replaced him. Looks to me that Sour Grapes has a personal axe to grind. Maybe she is planning a comeback? Nah, not after being thrashed by 70 percent to 30 percent.
But then it hit me: I see you ran a big full page ad paid for by CUPE Local 416 also to attack MMM. The same folks who used to back Sour Grapes Bussin.

Looks bad on you. Very partisan. If your paper wants to critique our councillor, maybe you should get someone a little less biased to do the dirty work.

Scott Bullock
Silver Birch Avenue

Editor’s Note: As a political columnist, Sandra Bussin expresses her own views, regardless of the Town Crier’s editorial positions.

Town Crier has no editorial position on the issues raised by the column in question.

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