Regret getting that tattoo? Removery studio can help

Tattoo shops are not uncommon in midtown Toronto but now there’s also a place where you can make your tattoos disappear.

Removery tattoo removal studio recently opened at 2293 Yonge St., Suite 200, directly across from the Yonge Eglinton Centre.

While getting a tattoo in the first place may be a big decision for some people, so might also be the choice to remove it. Removery provides laser treatments in a judgment-free environment.

People can choose to fade their existing tattoos for the purpose of replacing them with a new tattoo, or simply to get rid of them altogether.

Removery studio leader Kerry Holness and laser specialist Marian Hanna noted in an interview the removal of tattoos has been available since 2012. Before that time, there were few tattoo removal options and people who regretted a tattoo were often stuck with them for good.

To start a new life

But “life changes sometimes,” Hanna said. People seek to remove a tattoo for a variety of reasons, including divorces or breakups. For example, a ring or initial tattoo might be something that symbolized a relationship in the past, but no longer holds the same meaning it once did.

Some customers choose to remove existing tattoos in order to start a new life and re-enter the workforce — this includes those who may have previously been incarcerated and got a tattoo while they were in jail.

“Some of the stories are very touching and very emotional, and we appreciate so much that [people] feel that they are in a comfortable environment and able to share their stories,” Hanna said.

The Removery waiting room
CONSULTATIONS: Removery staff bring tattoo removal to the midtown area. (Alexei Malakhov/Streeter)

Before beginning the procedure, all potential clients begin their journey with Removery by coming in for a free consultation, where they are asked what led to them thinking about removing their tattoo.

“From there we understand why they want it gone” and if it is medically safe to remove it, Holness said.

Removery has “become a family,” where clients are “with us once they walk through the door,” and throughout the entire process, she said.

“This is not just a place where you get your treatment and leave,” Hanna added.

Faster than getting the tattoo

Tattoo fading or removal generally takes 10 to 12 sessions and is done in a spotlessly clean, safe environment. Rooms are cleaned with medical grade sanitization.

The procedure can be painful, depending on the location of the body and each individual’s tolerance although, according to Holness, “it’s a faster treatment than actually getting the tattoo.”

She was adamant that “scarring does not occur from our removal.”

No recovery time is needed after a treatment. Some people even come in for a treatment on their lunch break and are able to go right back to work afterward.

Removery provides its clients with specific instructions for after-care, in order to avoid discolouration.

Clients are strongly discouraged to use Google for questions they might have at any time during or after their procedure, but rather are encouraged to come directly to Removery with their concerns.

For people who cannot afford tattoo removal — specifically on their hands, face or neck where tattoos are most visible and can make people feel the most self-conscious, or that can be a reminder of a darker, more painful time in their lives — Removery has designed the INK-nitiative program and donates more than $150,000 a year towards free tattoo removal to help their communities.

Whatever your individual needs, “you’re going to come in with a smile and you’re going to leave with a smile,” Hanna said.

Removery is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 866-465-0090 to book your free consultation.

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  • Phil and Gloria Freedman

    That is very interesting for people who feel for different reasons that they no longer want the tatoo they once asked for. This place sounds safe, and able to give encouragement to the ones who need a little push to do the right thing for themselves. Great article.

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