Rematch in York South-Weston

Liberal incumbent Laura Albanese could be facing a close-fought race on Oct. 6 as she once again goes toe-to-toe with New Democrat Paul Ferreira for the seat in York South–Weston.

Albanese was elected in the 2007 general election after defeating Ferreira by 469 votes. Ferreira is running again to try and reclaim his seat. He won it in a Feb. 8, 2007 byelection after Liberal MPP Joe Cordiano stepped down, beating Albanese by a 358 votes. Federally, the riding changed hands in May with longtime Liberal MP Alan Tonks losing to the NDP’s Mike Sullivan by over 2,600 votes.

Ferreira and Albanese will be running against businesswoman Lan Daniel for the Progressive Conservatives. Daniel is married to Conservative MP Joe Daniel, who represents the Don Valley East riding.