Residents speak their mind

Town Crier reporter Brian Baker headed out into the heart of Bayview Mills at the northeast corner of Don Mills and Eglinton Ave. East to ask local folk their thoughts on how well their councillors and mayor handled the strike from the walkout June 22 to the deal, July 31.

[attach]598[/attach]“Mayor Miller? I think he’s an ass. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have started negotiating months, if not years ago. Disadvantaging people, risking health as well.”
[align=right]• Joe Campbell

“I don’t know. Since we’ve been here it’s just taken a long time to resolve it. Usually there’s a tentative agreement and then they go back to work and that’s it. There must be something going on, this Mayor Miller, I don’t know.”
[align=right]• Anne Caldwell[/align]

[attach]599[/attach]“I love how the city has planned everything, moving orderly, but how the government treated the walkout, that’s another body entirely. That has to be ironed out completely because if I’m a worker working for you, and I’m not happy, it’s not fair. The solution is not properly done.”
[align=right]• Steven Okolie

[attach]600[/attach]“I think what they went on strike for they did not achieve, therefore the strike was a failure and it certainly has created resentment on behalf of many Torontonians against both unions, 416 in particular. My opinion of the mayor, yes he has negotiated a reasonable settlement, too bad his speechwriters used the wrong word. Had they used the word phased out rather than eliminated he probably would’ve been better off.”
[align=right]• Michael McClennan

“I’m not impressed at all, as a matter of fact … I’ll try and control myself. It’s typical politics, typical kissing ass. I don’t know anybody that has any education or any knowledge of what’s going on in the world that agrees with this. Everybody is getting job, salary, hour cuts and you know what, too bad. They’re not even giving (the union) a reduction in hours or salary they’re talking about something that is sick days and letting them use it as something else. It’s a joke … I just think they feel all the citizens are a bunch of morons.”
[align=right]• Carol Roblin

[attach]601[/attach]“I think at some point a mayor has to be a mayor and override and oversee the whole city … I’m not anti-union, I think the city has to manage its affairs financially well, but … You have to supercede your own politics.”
[align=right]• Jerry Freise