Retired principal charged with fraud

[attach]5253[/attach]Two years after parents warned of a potential misuse of funds at Owen Public School, police have charged the former principal and a school administrator with fraud.

Toronto Police announced today former principal Stephan Howard, 62, and school administrator Androniki Lambiris, 51, had been arrested and charged with fraud, theft and misappropriation of funds.

The Town Crier previously reported an [url=]investigation was being undertaken[/url] in May of last year at the Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road school. At that time, trustee Gerri Gershon said the board first became aware of a potential problem in October 2009 when the parent council began asking questions about funds raised for school items that arrive late.

Police now say the financial crimes unit began investigating in February of this year, discovering Howard and Lambiris were both responsible for the care of the school’s accounts between 2006 and 2009.

Police go on to allege the two accused failed to purchase all of the items suggested by the parent council. Instead, police say when purchases were made, the funds from the school’s budget were used instead of those raised by the parent council.

Howard and Lambiris then allegedly used the parent council’s funds to facilitate the purchases of both non-approved items and expenses for the school as well as for themselves.

Both of the accused are due in court at College Park on Feb. 7, 2012, in room 505 at 2 p.m.