Sammy’s been found by ‘good samaritan’

Media coverage of carjacking and missing dog led to its discovery, police say

Police are crediting a good samaritan and media coverage for finding Sammy.

The big, white fluffy Samoyed was missing yesterday when police found the stolen car in which Sammy had been riding.

The vehicle had been hijacked near Victoria Park Avenue and Ellesmere Road on Oct. 7 at about 1 a.m. Police later found the car and arrested a man near Victoria Park and Eglinton Avenue East.

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But Sammy was found later the same day near Pharmacy Avenue an Ellesmere, likely where the dog had been let out of the vehicle shortly after the hijacking.

The dog was discovered there by a good samaritan, whose name has not been released, police say. They had noticed the media attention over the missing dog and immediately contacted police.

A man faces 14 counts, including robbery with violence and wilfully causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal.

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Posted: Oct 8 2020 8:06 am