Sandra Bussin beaten in Beaches battle

Bussin’s out but she’s still making headlines.

Days after the election in which she was soundly defeated inBeaches-East York, the councillor again came under fire, this time overa voicemail message recording at her city hall phone number.

Anyone trying to reach her by phone got her voicemail, which referred callers to the city’s service hotline, 311.

The tone of Bussin’s voice message, which was changed days later, wasshe was no longer there to serve people in the final weeks of her termas councillor.

In a Nov. 11 interview with the Town Crier, Bussin insisted that was not the case.

Bussin defended the voicemail in a maintaining the city’s 24/7 callcentre is one of the preferred methods for constituents to reach cityhall, she said.

“My office is still receiving inquiries. We are doing the best we canto respond to residents. Some cases take longer (to resolve) than twoweeks (left in the term),” she said.

Bussin’s last term in office has been mired in controversies, from herperceived involvement in a controversial sole-source deal for theBoardwalk Pub, to her anonymous call to the John Tory show in 2009.

On election night, Bussin seemed happy to wave goodbye to the cameras.

“I’m free now. I’m free of the tyranny of the media,” she said while pointing at a Town Crierreporter. “I’m a very creative person, I brought millions of dollarsinto this community and if you want somebody new, go for it.”

She added that she met many people who she enjoyed working with, butdoesn’t mind that she’s no longer the councillor for Ward 32.
“There’s a lot of wonderful things to do,” she said. “And I won’t have to knock on people’s doors.”

—with files from Shawn Star and Kris Scheuer