School review rumours raised concerns

The [url=]Pupil Accommodation Review Committee’s[/url] two-month long proceeding was not without hiccups.

Rumours circulated about the closure of Victoria Park Public School, whose students would be sent to Presteign Heights Public School, which would be transformed from K–5 to K–8.

Some parents were scandalized by the idea, but area trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher said there’s nothing to worry about.

“Questions were asked about what will happen here and there … but there are no changes and if there are any changes, it would be voted on by the parents,” Cary-Meagher said.

She added there’s no reason for Victoria Park students to end up in Presteign as it’s too far.

Justin Van Dette, president of Parkview Hills Community Association, whose members largely consist of Presteign Heights parents, said the news was encouraging.

However, he continues to be disappointed about the “very little public consultation at Presteign,” he said.

“There has not, to date, been a meeting in the Presteign Heights school and the Parkview Hills area,” Van Dette said. “It would have been nice to have our own meeting in our own neighbourhood as well. There’s certainly been a lot of public consultation … but none of those take place in Presteign.”

He said lack of communication is probably the reason for the confusion.

During the decision-making, meetings were conducted at all the affected schools except Presteign.