Sinkhole repairs complete, Finch West reopens

[attach]783[/attach]A portion of Finch Ave. has reopened to traffic after crews completed repairs on two giant sinkholes that formed after a heavy July rainstorm.

The stretch of road between Dufferin St. and Wilmington Ave. closed July 24 when a storm sewer pipe buried 15 metres below the street collapsed.

Although repairs were originally slated to last just few weeks after the closure, Ward 10 councillor Mike Feldman said it took longer than expected because once the pipes were exposed, other damage was found and needed to be fixed to avoid more problems in the future.

“You’ve got to go beyond the wound if you’re going to get all the bacteria,” he said.Traffic was diverted from Finch onto Overbrook Pl. between Dufferin and Wilmington for the duration of the repairs.

The detour forced cars and buses onto narrow streets half as wide as Finch, causing major traffic delays in the area.

“They felt frustrated,” said the councillor of neighbourhood residents.

Feldman said construction crews were working at the site round the clock to get the road open to traffic as soon as possible.The total cost of the repairs is not yet known.