Speed limit increased on Bayview Extension

Vehicle are legally driving 60 kilometres per hour on the Bayview Extension now, since Toronto city council approved a speed limit increase on the roadway last month.

Council voted Dec. 5 to raise the limit from 50 km/h on the Extension between Pottery Road and River Street.

The motion to raise the speed limit was made on Nov. 7 in response to an online petition started by Davisville business owner Judy Weiss. The petition noted the road was designed for travel at 70 km/h but was reduced to 60 km/h in 2012 and to 50 km/h recently. On council Ward 22 rep Josh Matlow and Ward 26’s Jon Burnside pushed to bring back 60 km/h.

But the Nov. 7 council meeting delayed a decision to the December meeting.

Ward 22 councillor Kristin Wong-Tam, whose ward borders part of the Extension, attempted Dec. 5 to again postpone consideration, this time to request a report from Transportation Services on a plan to improve the safety of existing bike lanes with barriers separating them from vehicular traffic.

However, Wong-Tam’s amendment was narrowly defeated 20–19. Matlow was among councillors voting to wait for the report, while Burnside opposed it.

The council then passed the speed limit increase. But it came with another amendment by Matlow calling for Transportation Services to implement measures to protect pedestrians on the affected stretch of road.