Gryphons maim Crestwood Prep

[attach]1589[/attach]Bayview Glen School Gryphons easily handled Crestwood Prepatorary College 9-0 in girls soccer action on April 26.

The sharp passing and skill of the Gryphons dominated the offensive zone of their opponents and found the back of the net early.

It wasn’t until midway through the first half that Crestwood was able to get a quality shot on the Gryphons goal.

It was much to the liking of Gryphons rep John Viljoen.

“We have a strong side and we had a few lucky bounces and we will leave it at that,” he said.

Scoring hat tricks for the Gryphons were Maggie Gill and Jordyn Listro, while Joanna Saul, Alejandra Mihic and Stephanie Sellan chipped in with solo efforts.

The dominating victory improves Bayview Glen’s senior girls Division 2 record to 1-1.

After suffering a loss to Hillfield Strathallan College 4-1 in the their opening game April 21, Viljoen wants the girls to keep the gameplan steady as she goes.

“We focus on a group effort,” he said. “If you look at any successful team you have to play together as one.

“We don’t want the girls to focus on individual success, we would rather see the team succeed.”

The goal for the Gryphons this season is to match their successful season last year. In the 2009 season, Bayview Glen’s talented squad made it to the CISAA playoffs.

“We would like to go as far as we can,” he says. “We made the semifinals last year and we are looking to match that at least.”

If the Gryphons maintain status quo on their season and play up to the level the coaching staff wants, then Viljoen feels confident in the team’s chances.

“We had a strong team last year and we have built on it for this year,” he said. “Nothing is guaranteed in high school soccer, so we will cross our fingers and hope that we can get back there again this season.”