McLuhan launches sports skills program

Opens the doors to students seeking jobs in the sporting world

Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School is sporting a new specialist high skills major in its curriculum.

This year, 15–25 Grade 11 and 12 students will have the opportunity to take the sports-focused stream that requires them to take two co-op credits, one curriculum specific English class and four sports credits that teach skills and knowledge in the sector.

Head of phys ed Lisa Faria said she is pleased the year-long process of applying for the school’s third SHSM through the Ministry of Education has finally paid off.

“I think it means opportunities for students to see career-related paths that they may not have experienced before,” she said. “The program offers training, regardless of the sector.
“They receive WHMIS training, first aid training and, in this case, sports-specific training. It could be coaching certifications, fitness certifications or one-day workshops but kids in the program are covered as far as expenses to go on excursions. It’s important for us because they wouldn’t have that opportunity otherwise.”

Marshall McLuhan has a lot of students who take phys ed in Rebels territory, according to Faria. The department has been targeting Grade 10s for future enrolment, but for the time being the student body seems to be jazzed with the opportunity.

“So far it’s been pretty good,” she said. “We’ve had 15 or so students involved in this year.
“The co-op is the additional hurdle for some of them because whether or not they can fit into their schedule or do it in the summer.”

The program helps students decide what direction they want to go post-secondary.

“We have a lot of college level students, and we do have some university level students, but we do have mostly college level students,” Faria said. “So this kind of focuses their learning towards college programs or university programs that are in the sports sector.”

Possible jobs in the students’ futures could include sports broadcaster, sports agent or recreations facility manager.

The two other SHSMs that Marshall McLuhan offers are in information and communications technology and non-profits.

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Posted: Sep 12 2014 4:20 pm
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