Morrison's the best in the West

[attach]4485[/attach]Scott Morrison’s athletic career at Richview Collegiate is simple to describe.

Four years. Four championships. And in three different sports at that.

For his outstanding athletic achievements, Morrison was recently named the West Region’s athlete of the year at the Town Crier annual awards ceremony.

“I was definitely honoured,” he said after the event. “To cap off my four years at high school with this award is a really good feeling.”

Morrison won two city championships while on the school’s baseball team, won another last year as part of the Saints’ volleyball team. As captain of the basketball team Morrison led the Saints to this year’s city championship and a third place finish at OFSAA.

Basketball is Morrison’s favourite sport and his most decorated. After notching a 50-point game against Runnymede last year, Morrison was named to the 2009-2010 Toronto Star all-star basketball team.

While he may not be as tall or as athletic as some of his opponents, it’s Morrison’s determination that sets him apart.

“I don’t have all the talent and the God-given abilities but I know when to work hard and when to push and when to give it my all,” he said.

He learned the game from his older siblings and being the youngest, Morrison said he was forced to hold his own in one-on-one games against his older brother and sister.

“All of us played sports so they kind of carved the path for me,” he said. “My older brother played basketball, which kind of was another reason for me to play.”

Morrison’s parents are also avid sports fans and exposed him to several different sports since childhood. He said being accustomed to multiple activities has helped him learn how to juggle three sports plus his academic responsibilities.

“I was put into all these sports from a young age, so from a young age I really learned how to balance all of it,” he said. “During the summer I played two sports, during the winter I played two sports.”

Like a seasoned guard managing the clock Morrison seems to have mastered the art of time management. In addition to his athletic and academic activities, Morrison served as vice president of Richview’s athletic council this year.

His work in the classroom earned him acceptance into Queen’s University where he will study business and, of course, play for the varsity basketball team.

“I’m looking forward to playing basketball at university and studying,” said Morrison. “I’m ready for the next four years of my life.”