The north end's best athletes

[u]AY Jackson[/u]

Salar Babaeiha
This soccer captain was MVP of both the soccer and ultimate Frisbee teams. He also played on the basketball team.

Vicky Chen
This tri-sport athlete played volleyball, badminton and ultimate Frisbee this year. She captained the volleyball team and was the north region team champion for badminton as well as the north region individual champion for badminton doubles.

[u]Bayview Glen[/u]

[attach]430[/attach]Christopher Francato
Chris has been involved in many sports over the years, but he specializes in soccer and track and field. He was named MVP of both and has been to OFSAA and Metros. He has a high academic average and sits on the school’s athletic council. Coaches say this grade 12 student balances high-level athletics with academics and has a positive working attitude with his peers and teachers.

[attach]431[/attach]Stephanie Sellan
This grade 11 student plays soccer, volleyball and softball, among other sports. She was crowned volleyball and softball MVP, honoured for her consistent power and think-on-her-feet skills. She’ll head the female athletic council next year. Coaches say Stephanie is a strong leader, a strong athlete and a super example to others. She always works hard to improve and stays after practice to get it right.

[u]Crestwood Prep[/u]

Caterina Gaudio
A multi-sport MVP, this grade 12 student played on the basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball and track teams. She was awarded the Colin Hood OFSAA Award and a Lionheart Award for sportsmanship and dedication. Caterina is also vice-president of the athletic council and a member of the environment and yearbook clubs. She also finds time to maintain an honour roll status.

Steve Yoannou
This 17-year-old was MVP of both the volleyball and softball teams. Coaches say he’s a great athlete with a positive outlook.

[u]Don Mills CI[/u]

[attach]432[/attach]Jacky Chan
This grade 12 contributes to school life in many ways: on sports teams and through volunteering to help at events. He played basketball, baseball and rugby, and participated on the cross-country and track and field teams. A highlight of his season was achieving a personal best in the 400-metre hurdles.

[attach]433[/attach]Laura Fallis
This 18-year-old was a force on the softball, swimming and cross-country teams this year. Some of her highlights include a first-place finish at the north regional finals in the 200-metre medley relay and the 200-metre freestyle relay. Laura had an 85 percent grade 12 average. Coaches say she’s the consummate team player with an outstanding attitude.

[u]Earl Haig SS[/u]

Sasa Malic
This grade 12 was captain and MVP of the basketball team and also plays club ball outside of school. Coaches say he’s one of the most determined, intelligent and committed athletes they can remember.

[attach]434[/attach]Kira Starr
This self-starter resurrected the school’s field hockey team after it was cancelled when she was in grade 10. She promised to coach and enlisted two staff supervisors. The team went on to win the north championships in her grade 11 and grade 12 years, and it finished second in the city this year. She also played ice hockey, ultimate Frisbee and softball, and was president of the athletic council.

[u]École Secondaire Étienne-Brûlé[/u]

[attach]435[/attach]Reneé Bradley
This grade 11 student is a force for each team she’s on: basketball, volleyball, badminton and soccer. Her volleyball team won the TDCAA B championship this year. She bounced back from an injury last year to dominate this year. The 17-year-old had the highest average of all grade 11s. Coaches say she’s a dream athlete to coach: she’s capable of self-reflection and always wants to improve, and she motivates others with her cheerful attitude.

[attach]436[/attach]Ben N’Goran
Ben is a dominant player on each team he joins. This year, that included volleyball, badminton and soccer. He got the highest result on the senior badminton team at the TDCAA tournament. This grade 11 student made a mark in his first year at the school after transferring from the Niagara region. Coaches say he quickly earned the respect of others with his high level of play.

[u]George S. Henry Academy[/u]

Beata Dye
This grade 11 student captained two volleyball teams this year, earning MVP honours for both. She also played tennis and participated in track and field. She’s an honour roll student and is heavily involved with the athletic council. Coaches says she’s a great athlete and a great student.

Jonathan Cunningham
Watch out for this grade 12 student on the court: he helmed the senior boys volleyball team and earned MVP honours. He also played on the basketball team and volunteers as a mentor to at-risk students. Coaches say he’s a super athlete and leader.

[u]Georges Vanier SS[/u]

Imam Ahsan
This 17-year-old athlete is a force on the soccer, cricket, baseball and ultimate Frisbee teams, as well as in intramural play. He earned MVP honours for ultimate Frisbee. He’s a regular at the afterschool table tennis club, as well as morning and afternoon basketball clubs. Imam participated at a student leadership outdoor education trip. Coaches say Imam is a pleasant young man who is coachable, intelligent and athletic.

Nicolette Stokoe
This grade 11 student shines on the court and the field, starring on the basketball, soccer and volleyball teams. She earned MVP honours for basketball and the coaches award for volleyball. She helped the girls soccer team to its first win in three years. Nicolette also dances and participated in an outdoor education leadership trip. Coaches say she’s one of the best teammates to have as a leader on the field.

[u]Havergal College[/u]

[attach]437[/attach]Irene Flatley
The multi-sport MVP shines on the field and on the ice. A grade 12 student, Irene captained two soccer teams and the hockey team this year, and was a leading scorer. Irene was awarded the Havergal College Friedland Cup for Excellence and Leadership in soccer. She’s also a co-leader of the environment club and assistant coach to the junior school soccer team. Coaches say she’s dedicated to her teammates and shows that through her dedication and work ethic.

[u]Newtonbrook SS[/u]

[attach]438[/attach]Julia Irvine
This grade 12 student excels on the mat: she’s regional wrestling champ, city champ and she placed in the top 12 at OFSAA. She was awarded wrestling MIP and MVP for rugby. She also runs cross-country as part of the regional championship team. Coaches say she’s an exceptional athlete and a natural leader. Her commitment and work ethic are exceptional.

[attach]439[/attach]Omar Thomas
This grade 12 student captained the senior boys rugby and football teams, earning MVP honours for both. He was also crowned citywide wrestling champ and regional champ. U.S university scouts have an eye on him. Coaches say he’s an outstanding athlete and a great leader.

[u]Northview Heights[/u]

Maggie Gineva
This grade 12 student is a well-rounded student athlete, her coaches say. She played volleyball, tennis and badminton this year. Coaches say she’s a hopeful and caring person.

Alex Krivocheiko
This multi-sport athlete earned MVP honours for basketball, volleyball and co-ed volleyball this year. He also coached the girls volleyball team. Coaches say he’s an excellent individual who’s always ready to lend a hand.

[u]Senator O’Connor College School[/u]

Palig Baghdasarian
This grade 12 student played soccer and basketball this year, taking MVP honours for basketball. It’s an honour she’s earned before: she was MVP for her soccer, volleyball and basketball teams in 2007. She also managed the senior boys basketball team this year. Palig hopes to teach and coach in the future.

Sean Benson
Sean is a versatile athlete who plays football, soccer and hockey. He earned senior rugby MVP honours this season. Coaches say he’s dedicated countless hours to the athletic program at O’Connor. This year, his senior hockey team won the TDCAA championships.

[u]Victoria Park CI[/u]

[attach]440[/attach]Travis Dongen
This grade 12 student captained the boys soccer team and was named MVP. He also played indoor soccer and baseball. Coaches say he’s been committed to athletics throughout his high school career.

[attach]441[/attach]David Knight
This grade 12 made it to OFSAA for doubles tennis, where he placed fifth. He was captain of the hockey and baseball teams, taking baseball MVP honours. He plans to attend Wilfrid Laurier University in the fall.

[attach]442[/attach]Allison Orr
This 17-year-old was cross-country team MIP and softball MVP. She participated in athletics throughout her years in high school and this year maintained a 92 percent average. She plans to attend Queen’s University in the fall.

[u]William Lyon Mackenzie CI[/u]

[attach]443[/attach]Alec Levin
This grade 12 student played on five teams this year: volleyball, basketball, rugby, ultimate Frisbee and baseball. He captained the boys volleyball team and made it to the north region championships for rugby. Coaches say he’s shown dedication to the school’s athletics program through his skill, sportsmanship and teamwork.

[attach]444[/attach]Kelsie MacPhail
This multi-sport star played soccer, volleyball, rugby, softball, basketball and floor hockey this year. She captained the volleyball team and made it to the city semifinals for soccer. Coaches say she’s an outstanding athlete and exemplifies good sportsmanship and fair play.

[u]York Mills CI[/u]

[attach]445[/attach]Samantha Beaton
The softball MVP also played volleyball and basketball this year. She helped the softball team win back-to-back city championships in grade 11 and 12, and pitched complete game victories in the city softball semifinals and finals. She’s a member of the school’s athletic council. Coaches say Samantha works hard and gets along well with her coaches and peers. She’s a fierce competitor with the determination to succeed.

[attach]446[/attach]David Hatch
Watch out for David in the pool: he placed first, second and fourth in his events at the city swimming championships and qualified for OFSAA. He also swims at the national level, placing in the top 10 in two events at the Canadian Eastern Championships. He’s a star on the track and field and cross-country teams. He maintains an average of 88 percent.


[u]Cardinal Carter[/u]

Michael Foe, Christine Foster