York Mills coach takes home inaugural award

[attach]1930[/attach]Rick Chang led his curling team to success at the Toronto District City Championships and won the York Mills Coach of the Year Award in 2000. This year, he added another trophy to his collection: a Town Crier 2010 Coach of the Year Award.

Chang has been teaching at York Mills Collegiate Institute for 11 years and coached sports throughout his years there. It came as no surprise that a colleague would nominate him for a Town Crier Coach of the Year Award, which he happily accepted.

“I’m honoured. I’m really pleased to be recognized for this,” he said at the Town Crier’s 25th annual athletic banquet, which was held at EDO restaurant June 15.

Chang began coaching because he was an athlete in high school and wanted to be part of sports again.

“In high school, I was mainly a rugby player,” he said. “I played basketball as well and picked up curling, so those were my sports all the way through.”

When Chang injured his back playing rugby in university, he had to stop playing.

“I still wanted to remain with the sport and coaching was the best way to do it,” he said. “It’s not the same as being an athlete on the field, but I enjoy it.”

Chang coaches four different rugby teams: the boys and girls rugby 7s in the fall, and the boys and girls rugby 15s in the spring. In the winter, he coaches the boys, girls and co-ed curling teams.

Even with a hectic schedule, Chang continues to do what he loves.

“The important thing is for all of us that coach, especially in high schools, is that we’re volunteers and we do it because we enjoy it,” he said. “That was the big reward for me.”