St. Clair businesses face more woes

[attach]463[/attach]Life’s not fair for St. Clair Ave. West.

The street has been hit by a double whammy. First the ongoing construction of the streetcar right-of-way caused problems for businesses and now the ongoing municipal workers strike has filled the area with garbage.

“We’re not happy at all,” said Jeff Gillan, the executive director of the Corso Italia BIA.  “It’s starting to smell and it’s ugly.”
His comments are echoed by some of the merchants on the strip.

“It’s bad enough some people can’t get through,” said Mike Di Sapia of Di Sapia Opticians. “The street is not as pretty.
“It’s messy and people are leaving garbage on window edges.”

The Corso Italia BIA is doing its part to try and soothe the sting by hiring private companies to collect its members’ garbage.

“Residents are getting frustrated because people have started to deposit garbage on our street and behind the stores,” said Gillan.

Despite the double whammy, the fifth annual Salsa on St. Clair is going ahead as planned. A press release sent by Councillor Joe Mihevc’s office confirmed all construction materials will be cleared off St. Clair between Christie St. and Winona Dr. in time for the festival.