Stag Shop brings the sexy back to Yonge and Eglinton

When it  comes to shopping for sex products, are you super-nervous, supremely self-confident or somewhere in-between?

In any case Stag Shop, which recently opened its latest two-storey adult location at 2311 Yonge St. across from the Yonge Eglinton Centre, welcomes you.

The adult sex store has created an inclusive and comfortable environment for people to shop for products to enhance sex-positive attitudes and sexual well-being, manager Darcie Lew says.

“We’re just really excited to be here,” she said, noting they’ve already received a warm welcome from the neighbourhood too.

Stag Shop caters to a diverse crowd, from very shy customers to an extremely extraverted clientele, Lew said.

Besides products focused on sex, the store also carries lots of things to enhance sensuality, such as lingerie and essential body care products.

Stag Shop's Darcie Lew
BRANDING: Manager Lew says the shop has something for every adult.

Lew explained “intimacy is not just about partnered people.” Stag Shop sells a wide variety of fun toys for couples but also self-satisfaction devices for those who are not in a committed relationship and who “may have gotten to know themselves better during the pandemic” or those who have gone through major changes in life, including changes in marital status. Stag Shop also serves older people who are exploring sexuality later in life.

“It’s a place where anyone can explore their level of sexuality and pleasure,” Lew said.

“As a company, we’ve really been transitioning our brand to become more of an informative sexual wellness experience,” she said. The store offers free informative educational brochures dealing with a wide array of subjects, which helps shy customers have access to information without having to interact closely with staff.”

Interviewed in mid-June, Lew was asked if the store was doing anything in regards to Pride month. “We do take our support for the community very seriously,” she said. As many of the store’s staff and customers identify with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, the shop “celebrate[s] Pride all year long.”

Stag Shop clothing
TRY THIS ON: The hot red dress or lingerie at Stag Shop.

Despite the challenges the midtown Toronto neighbourhood has faced over the past couple of years because of construction and the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners were confident that it is still a bustling spot that did not have an adult shop presence. Also, Lew said, “We thought having a location more in the midtown area would be a big help for customers who typically have to travel downtown or online to shop.”

According to Lew, what sets Stag Shop apart from other stores of its kind is “being rooted in sexual wellness and a focus on educating folks.”

Stag Shop provides guidance with regard to product selection to encourage people who want to bring out their inner Goddess.

“It’s about combining inclusivity with body positivity, which can really help people see themselves in a confident, sexy way,” Lew said.

The staff is fully knowledgeable and trained to help evaluate a customer’s comfort level.

“We absolutely love being able to genuinely help our customers,” Lew said. “From the second you walk into the store until the time you leave, our interaction is focused on finding that individual’s needs and giving them the knowledge and confidence to move forward in a fun, positive way.”

Local parents need not be concerned, as employees of Stag Shop always ask teens for ID and “make sure to sell to those only 18 and over.”

With regard to teens, Lew said, “We provide safe sex materials for everyone, including resources and take home information about safe sex.”

The store adheres to a strict cleaning policy and while they may promote close physical contact outside of the store, they still encourage social distancing inside the store.

But it is still a fun shopping experience in a discreet and friendly atmosphere.

After all, as Lew says, “Sexy is a feeling.”

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  • Phil and Gloria Freedman

    Wow! Things have certainly changed since we were young. Noone mentioned anything like this shop, or else kept it a secret. It sounds like an amazing shop and should be very busy as soon as people know it is there. Great Article!

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