Subway exits on hold for now

[attach]3758[/attach]The city has deferred all plans for controversial second exits at [url=]Donlands[/url], [url=]Woodbine[/url], [url=]Greenwood[/url] and Wellesley subway stations due to [url=]budget shortfalls[/url].

The TTC had originally recommended deferring three of the projects though not Donlands as it was scheduled for 2013, but councillor Mary Fragedakis pushed to include it as she thought it was important all four stations be dealt with together.

“Once the TTC capital (budget) has sufficient funds, we will reconvene a meeting for the Donlands and Greenwood communities,” said Fragedakis of the two stations in her ward. “This has only been deferred — not cancelled.”

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said that the commission decided to put these projects on hold in order to complete other more pressing issues.

“We have $2.3 billion in unfunded capital budget for the next 10 years, so state of good repair are priorities and Ashbridges Bay (streetcar) car barn is a priority,” said Ross.

“We will come back next year or the year after to look at restoring funding,” he said.

Strathmore Boulevard resident Lisa Dymond, who has been pushing for alternative locations to the Donlands project, said she hopes the delay will encourage the TTC to revisit other options.

“At the very least this is a sober second thought and opportunity to make sure we come to alternatives that meet the TTC’s safety needs and meets the community’s concerns,” she said.

However, Ross says that the locations are set and that the TTC won’t be changing anything.

“We are not reviewing other options. It’s strictly about getting capital funding,” he said.

There’s been some confusion around the need for second exits at subway stations.

“Second exits was a policy decision by the commission,” said Ross. “The new Ontario Building Code requires second exits (at new stations), but existing stations are exempt.”