Syringes and drug paraphernalia reported left at midtown school

Members of a community safety team reported seeing a man leave a package containing syringes by a midtown school yesterday, police say.

Officers were called to Eglinton Junior Public School at about 10 a.m., according to a public safety alert issued by police Tuesday evening.

Inside the package were several syringes and other paraphernalia, police said.

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This is not the community’s first recent experience with drug paraphernalia being found in the neighbourhood.

The school is located at 223 Eglinton Ave. East at Mt. Pleasant Road, just a few doors south of the Roehampton Residence at 808 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

The residence was one of two shelters in the area set up by the city in the spring and summer to house the homeless during the pandemic.

Some local residents and businesses have charged the shelters have brought an increase in crime, and in syringes and other drug-related materials being discarded in the area.

Police have not made any public connection between the Roehampton shelter and this incident, although people on social media have both blamed the shelter and disputed the likelihood of any connection.


Mischief investigation

Police are looking for a man who was seen leaving the area riding a bicycle after the alleged package dropoff. An image of a man on a bike, date-stamped 9:58 a.m., has been released by the police.

He is being sought as part of a mischief investigation.

“We are asking for assistance from the media and public to assist in identifying this man,” said police media relations officer Caroline de Kloet.

The man is described as 5-foot-9, 35 to 45 years old, and having a medium build. He was reported wearing a white and blue Blue Jays baseball cap, a white and grey striped long-sleeved sweater under a black down vest, grey pants, and black running shoes. He was riding a dark-coloured bicycle.