The Beach sees road construction

Ahh the sounds and sights of autumn: jackhammers, drilling, digging and blocked traffic.

It must be construction season.

Projects on the go include everything from replacement of water mains,gas, hydro, streetcar tracks to new roads and sidewalks. So chances arethe city is doing some type construction in your neighbourhood.

And that means reduced parking, closed lanes, transit re-routing along with noise and dust.

But it’s all for a good cause, says Joe Condarcuri of Transportation Services.

“Be patient. It’s work that’s required,” he says of the big digs takingplace across the city. “If you postpone the work it will cost you morelater.”

He compares it to maintaining your vehicle. A little preventative work can save you the migraine of a larger problem later.

“A $100 job will cost $300 if we do it three years from now.”

But we are talking a little more than pocket change when it comes tocity spending on state of good repair for bridges, roads, sidewalks,crosswalks and signalized intersections.

For all those items transportation services currently spends $250 million a year, up from $120 million back in 1998.

But the city is still under-funding the need, says Condarcuri.

“The backlog is currently $300 million or about one and half years’ worth of work,” he says.

Realistically, the department couldn’t tackle the entire backlog in oneyear. But another $100 million worth of work could be done yearly.

To that end, the city applied to the federal government for about $90million in stimulus funding and anticipates a response any day now,says Condarcuri.

“The idea of the stimulus fund from the federal government’s point ofview is we are employing people and creating jobs. It’s a bonus that itwill help us tackle our (infrastructure) backlog,” he says. “If theyapprove the stimulus package, we can produce a list in two or threedays of which (specific) projects we’d work on.”

The city has an interactive map that’s updated weekly of all projects at [url=] … f/2009_arc_map.pdf.[/url]

You will also find a list of projects, updated weekly, at [url=][/url]

Construction in our community
[list=1][*] Where: Rhodes Ave. south of Gerrard St. East
What: Construction
Impact: Southbound curb lane occupied
Estimated completion date: Nov. 27[*]Where: Victoria Park Ave., Gerrard St. to Musgrave St.
What: Utility work
Impact: Northbound curb lane occupied
Estimated completion date: Sept. 31[*]Where: Victoria Park Ave., Swanwick Ave. to Beachdale Ave.
What: Utility Work
Impact: Various lane restrictions
Estimated completion date: Sept. 30[/list]