The trails of David A. Balfour Park

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David A. Balfour park in midtown Toronto is a thing of diverse landscaped beauty.

Named for an anti-communist Toronto city councillor and member of the Board of Control, the park, that runs from the southern tip of Mount Pleasant Cemetery to Mount Pleasant Road just north of Roxborough Avenue, offers a relaxing walk or hike away from city life.

At the southern end of the park the land is flat with a mixture of maple and ash trees lining an asphalt walkway winding it’s way to Yellow Creek. The trees are home to many species of birds and small animals. If you look carefully you can find nests made by sparrows and other birds are tucked away between the tree’s branches and the trunk.

Winding along the creek are three pathways — one on the east side and two on the west.

The upper trail on the west side is ideal for joggers and cyclists as it’s well maintained and offers handrails and even concrete curbs in its steeper sections for the safety of users.

The lower dirt path offers a mild challenge for hikers and dog walkers. It’s lined with many fallen trees so walking through some sections can be challenging.

For those looking for a less challenging route, the path on the east side is mostly flat.

Just off the trails homeowners enjoy a beautiful view of the park with decks and backyards that look directly into it amongst the maples and the weeping willows.

The paths at David A. Balfour are part of the citywide system of trails known as Discovery Walks and help Torontonians explore their city, from the downtown core to the beautiful parkland our city has to offer.

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By: Glenn Smith
Posted: Nov 29 2010 7:45 pm
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