The winners and losers in December’s photo radar sweepstakes

Drivers on Stanley Avenue in Etobicoke-Lakeshore ward are the December winners. Or losers really.

They received the most number of tickets issued by one of the city’s automated speed enforcement (ASE) devices in the last month of the year, and the first month of the device’s location on Stanley near Elizabeth Street. They racked up 2,888 tickets, about 13 per cent of the 22,180 tickets issued by ASE stations that month, according to figures released by the city today.

The lowest scoring location — or best location from the drivers’ point of view — was at 51 Mountview Ave. in Parkdale-High Park ward with just one speeder caught by the photo radar there.

A close second was Berkeley Street south of Gerrard Street East in Toronto Centre with a measly two infractions.

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Drivers on streets in Streeter-covered neighbourhoods in central, midtown and east-end Toronto scored well within those extremes.

The highest number of tickets issued in these areas was on Avenue Road in the Eglinton-Lawrence ward with 874 drivers caught speeding.

Coincidentally, one the best locations was also in Eglinton-Lawrence, with seven tickets issued by the ASE on Bedford Park Avenue west of Yonge Street.

The speed camera at Laughton Avenue near Talbot Street in Davenport ward scored slightly better with only five tickets.

Steady decline in tickets

Toronto’s 50 ASEs were moved to their current locations in late November after issuing three months of tickets at their first locations in each of the 25 wards. The devices recorded a steady decline in tickets over the three months, indicating they were effective in slowing traffic, Mayor John Tory said.

“As evidenced by enforcement data for previous locations, Automated Speed Enforcement works in changing driver behaviour and reducing speeding incidents, and I am certain we will see this positive impact repeat itself wherever the speed cameras are placed,” he said when the new figures were announced.

Here’s a rundown on the number of tickets, highest ticketed speed and highest fine issued in each of the local areas covered by Streeter, ranked by number of tickets. All devices are on streets with speed limits of 30 or 40 kph.

  • Avenue Road near Castlefield Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence ward): 874 tickets issued, highest speed 84 km/h, highest ticket $659
  • Kingston Road near Heyworth Crescent (Beaches-East York): 673 tickets, 77 km/h, $544
  • Erskine Avenue west of Redpath Avenue (Don Valley West): 660 tickets, 71 km/h, $607
  • Sherbourne Street south of Wellesley Street East (Toronto Centre): 600 tickets, 83 km/h, $646
  • Ava Road east of Westover Hill Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 275 tickets, 63 km/h, $486
  • Dundas Street East east of Broadview Avenue (Toronto Danforth): 241 tickets, 79 km/h, $583
  • Thorncliffe Park Drive near 79 Thorncliffe Park Dr. (Don Valley West): 153 tickets, 59 km/h, $272
  • Tweedsmuir Avenue south of Heath Street West (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 119 tickets, 59 km/h, $272
  • Essex Street west of Christie Street (University-Rosedale): 98 tickets, 51 km/h, $197.50
  • Lesmount Avenue south of Cosburn Avenue (Toronto Danforth): 66 tickets, 53 km/h, $212
  • Spruce Hill Road north of Queen Street East (Beaches-East York): 33 tickets, 50 km/h, $180
  • Orde Street west of Murray Street (University-Rosedale): 14 tickets, 53 km/h, $212
  • Ruskin Avenue west of Perth Avenue (Davenport): 10 tickets, 54 km/h, $220
  • Bedford Park Avenue west of Yonge Street (Eglinton-Lawrence): 7 tickets, 56 km/h, $105
  • Laughton Avenue near Talbot Street (Davenport): 5 tickets, 63 km/h, $212