Timeline of a disappearance

[attach]2079[/attach]• Sept. 14, 2009: Mariam Makhniashvili is last seen at 8:30 a.m. near her school in the Bathurst and Eglinton area.

Oct. 8, 2009: Makhniashvili’s backpack is found in a parking lot in the Yonge and Eglinton area. The backpack is the first and last physical clue in the case.

Oct. 27, 2009: The RCMP receives a report that the missing teen has been spotted outside Calgary.

Dec. 2, 2009: The RCMP receives word that Makhniashvili has been seen in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Police find no evidence that she’d been in the province.

Apr. 3, 2010: The Makhniashvilis, along with friends and supporters, hold a gathering at Yonge Dundas Square to remind the public of the story.

May 7, 2010: Mariam’s father is arrested following a stabbing incident in the family’s apartment building. Police allege that the man pushed his way into a 26-year-old neighbour’s apartment and stabbed him in the abdomen.

Now: The Makhniashvilis, in compliance with Vakhtang’s bail conditions requiring that he not come within 500 metres of the victim, move to Roehampton Ave.

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