Too close to call in York South–Weston

[attach]4908[/attach]In the rematch between two candidates who have both represented York South–Weston at Queen’s Park incumbent Liberal Laura Albanese is holding on to a slim lead against a strong challenge from the NDP’s Paul Ferreira.

As of 10:38 Albanese had managed to collect 44.2 percent of the vote to Ferreira’s 42.3 percent. Currently the pair are sperated by only 514 votes. Progressive Conservative Lan Daniel, wife of Don Valley East MP Joe Daniel, is a distant third with 11.3 percent.

In a Feb. 2007 byelection, Ferreira narrowly defeated Albanese, who turned the tables on him during that fall’s general election. In both cases the margin of victory was less than two percent of the total ballots cast.