Toronto District School Board students continue to show steady improvement in EQAO

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) recently released its system-wide results of the EQAO assessments conducted in 2003 for students in Grades 3 and 6.

What the assessments show is that both Grades 3 and 6 writing and mathematics results exceed the provincial average, while Grade 3 reading results are at the provincial average, and reading results for Grade 6 are above the provincial average. The school board, which serves more than 270,000 students throughout 560 schools, said results are consistent with the provincial results and show that over time there has been improvement.

"Considering the circumstances in spring of 2003, these results are not a true reflection of the quality teaching and learning that happens in our classrooms, but that is not an excuse. Our results have continued to improve over time, and we remain committed to setting standards for student improvement that enable our students to reach their full potential," said Shelley Laskin, TDSB chair.

"Our programs continue to be successful because of the strengths of our teachers and the resources that we have been able to dedicate to literacy and numeracy. We are pleased to see continued improvement in writing, which can be attributed to over 10 years of teacher training in First Steps Writing. Continued teacher training in the area of reading is a priority within the board. Principals work with their staff and parents to develop a School Improvement Plan that clearly identifies specific areas requiring improvement and the programs and resources required to achieve student success," said Gerry Connelly, the board’s associate director of education.

All TDSB schools use a variety of information including demographic information, report card data, diagnostic assessments such as DRA and CASI, teacher assessments and EQAO tests to focus on continuous improvement. The TDSB has an extensive range of programs and strategies that contribute to student success.

Citywide Grade 3 results were as follows: reading — 53%; writing — 63%; and mathematics — 65%; compared to the provincial average of reading — 53%; writing — 59%; and mathematics — 60%. Grade 6 results were as follows: reading — 60%; writing — 60%; and mathematics — 59%; compared to the provincial average of reading — 58%; writing — 57%; and mathematics — 56%. These figures represent the percentage of students performing at Levels 3 and 4. The provincial standard is Level 3, which is equivalent to a B.

The results for individual school are posted on the TDSB website: < a href target = _blank>School Results. System-wide results are posted at: < a href = target = _blank>TDSB.

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